The Building Talents program, from The Creative Industries Fund, matched architect and educator Lada Hršak (Bureau LADA) with the architect and activist Josymar Rodriguez (Incursiones).  A Croatian/Dutch/Venezuelan constellation engages with inclusive architecture and artistic research dealing with the topic of Social Ecology. LADA  stands for Landscape, Architecture, Design, Action, and is a cross-disciplinary studio currently active between Amsterdam, Zagreb, and Cairo. Their recent publications include ‘Shallow Waters’ and ‘In Search of a Garden to Drink Tea'. Based in Caracas, Incursiones is a laboratory for ideas and projects striving to transform the city’s shared spaces and dynamics. Josymar commenced her Ph.D. trajectory at Hasselt University, Belgium.

project partners | initiators | Lada Hršak (Bureau LADA) and Josymar Rodriguez

collabolators | Noel Bucul and Tin Vukušić (Bureau LADA)

graphic design | Rudi van Delden

grant by | Creative Industries Fund

interviews with |

Najah Aouaki, Bloei en Groei, René Boer, Tess Broekmans, citizens on the street, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Julian Janssen, Jens Kimmel, Changfang Luo, Caroline Nevejan, PIC (Prostitution Information Center), Wouter Pocornie, Debra Solomon, Ekim Tan